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DGUV's commitment to rehabilitation and sports for the disabled

Rehabilitation is one of the central tasks of the statutory accident insurance. Its aim is to bring its insured persons who have been injured in an accident or impaired by an illness back into society and, if possible, into the work process. Rehabilitation is a demanding and multi-layered task, it includes medical treatment, physical regeneration and, if necessary, support in professional reorientation and social participation. Sport is an ideal medium for this, because movement is of central importance for any rehabilitation. Sport mobilises and motivates, whether it is rehabilitation, popular or competitive sport.

Sport promotes self-confidence and inclusion

Promoting sport for people with disabilities is a special concern of the German Social Accident Insurance. The DGUV has committed itself to making the topics of rehabilitation sport, inclusion and participation an integral part of its work and to working towards ensuring that people with and without disabilities participate in sport together. The DGUV has launched various projects to bring the sport of people with disabilities into focus:

Britta Wend, Paralympic wheelchair tennis player

Britta Wend, Paralympic wheelchair tennis player
Source: PXN GmbH

Your start. Our goal.

We have accompanied disabled athletes in competitive as well as amateur sports. Their stories are impressive and make it clear how important rehabilitation and disabled sports are. The project "Your start. Our goal." aims to motivate people to take up sport.

The trophy of the German Paralympic Media Award
Source: DGUV

German Paralympic Media Award

The German Paralympic Media Award has been presented annually by the DGUV since 1999. It honours outstanding journalistic reporting on the sport of people with disabilities and is the most important German media award in this category.

The runners of the marathon

The runners of the marathon
Source: DGUV

R(h)ein Inklusiv

In the inclusive relay race of the Cologne Marathon, people with and without disabilities compete together and achieve the same remarkable feats. They make it clear that disability, performance and fun in sport are in no way mutually exclusive.

Young journalists report on the Paralympics

Young journalists report on the Paralympics
Source: DGUV

Paralympics Zeitung (Newspaper)

An international team of young reporters travels to the Paralympic Games for the “Paralympics Zeitung” to report on the Games and the people there. The joint project with the Berlin newspaper "Der Tagesspiegel" has been running since the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens.

Henry Wanyoike training with his guide

Henry Wanyoike training with his guide
Source: Olaf Ballnus

GOLD - The Film

"GOLD - You can do more than you think" is an extraordinary film about three extraordinary people: It accompanies Kirsten Bruhn, Kurt Fearnley and Henry Wanyoike - three people from different cultures and with fates that are hardly comparable - to the 2012 Paralympics. The DGUV initiated this film, which makes inclusion a topic.


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