Occlusive gloves: skin protection before or after wearing?

At many workplaces employees use occlusive gloves for protection and hygienic reasons. Especially in wet work occupation development of irritant contact eczema occurs. Some special barrier protection creams applicated under the gloves are commercially available. They claim amelioration of skin irritation. In general, there is no clear evidence, whether the application under gloves or after the use of gloves should be recommended. The project aims to investigate these conflicting recommendations.

The project intends to provide clinically and scientifically founded recommendations for wet work employees and measures for individual prevention.

Study design
Evaluation of the effectiveness of skin protection products to reduce signs and symptoms of irritation in a model of combined chemical skin irritation and occlusion (before, after and without cream application based on the reaction of the skin barrier to chemical stimuli. The analysation of the irritant reaction is performed by bioengineering methods (non-invasive skin physiological measurement methods) and clinical score.