Asthma and work:

Longitudinal study of the impact of individual prevention in employees with work-related allergic bronchial asthma on asthma control, disease-related quality of life, and quality of life satisfaction.

On January 01, 2021, the so-called "Unterlassungszwang" as a prerequisite for recognition of BK 4301, 4302, 1315 and 5101, among others, was dropped. The „Unterlassungszwang“ previously provided for the abandonment of the harmful activity that was or could be the cause of the development, aggravation or resurgence of the disease as a prerequisite for the recognition of a disease as an occupational disease. As a result of the amendment to the law, in the event of the insured person remaining at work, great importance is attached to the individual preventive measures offered to the insured person concerned and their effectiveness.

In a longitudinal study of employees with work-related allergic bronchial asthma, the effects of individual preventive measures on asthma control, disease-related quality of life and life satisfaction will be investigated. It is to be expected that the study results will have cross-sectoral relevance and thus great significance for numerous accident insurance institutions.

Study design
The prospective study will be conducted in two medical centre. This ensures that a sufficient number of subjects can be studied in an appropriate time frame. The study is planned with a collective of bakers. On the one hand, these represent a sufficiently large occupational group with comparatively homogeneous exposure and burden; on the other hand, a program of individual preventive measures already offered for years by the accident insurance institution can be used for this occupational group.