Protool Welding

Development of a software-tool based on a statistical model for predicting exposure during MAG/MIG welding

In metalworking trades and industry, welding by hand is still the most important connection technique today. The activity can be associated with various health hazardous exposures. Welding fumes as a complex mixture of substances have been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as carcinogenic to humans.

This project aims to develop a software tool for estimating the exposure to alveolar welding fumes and metals during MAG/MIG welding.

Study Design
By analyzing hazardous substance measurement data from the Weldox study using statistical models, it was possible to quantify the influence of certain process parameters on exposure. On this basis, a more complex model for a more accurate estimation of inhalation exposure to welding fumes will be developed using a broader database. First of all, the most important modifying factors are to be identified for this purpose, which should be taken into account in a successive extension of the model.