Impact of different mask types for prevention of SARS-CoV-2 on cardiopulmonary performance and subjective impairment during physical work

Duration: 12/2020 – 11/2021

Abbrevation: IPA-178-Maskenstudie

Descriptors: Work-related health hazards


To study the influence of different types of masks on the performance and subjective well-being of employees working physically and cognitively.


30 women and men each, aged 18 to 65 years, will be studied. Testing both with community masks, surgical face masks and FFP2 masks in comparison to the corresponding activity without mask. Spiroergometric and ergometric stress in the typical range of light to heavy work with recording of cardiac and pulmonary parameters, measurement of CO2 content under the mask, and determination of blood gases under laboratory conditions. Additional workplace measurements and determination of subjective parameters by means of questionnaires.


The study can contribute to the identification of possible health effects and impairment of well-being due to prolonged wearing of the masks during various occupational activities. The expected results are also suitable for evaluating the present recommendations for a wearing time limitation or duration of use.


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